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Meet Doctor Nikolay Mollov


Dr. Mollov truly enjoys bonding with his patients; creating lifelong relationships with them and their families! He is a current member of the American Association of Orthodontists, as well as the American Dental Association.

Dr. Nik’s Bio

Clinical Assistant


Jackie is a highly motivated person yet so serene. Her goal when you are in the chair it to create a stress free experience for you. She has a natural talent with her hands as well as being detail oriented. She is always successful at completing even the most challenging of task in record time. With her diligence she still makes sure her patients are well cared for and are educated about their treatment along the way. She is also a Spanish speaker and enjoys connecting with the Latino community. In the office she is known as the “cat lady” because she is a devoted cat mom. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her cat  mamma(of course) and connecting with her many friends. She is also a world traveler and has many stories to share.

Assistant Manager


Whitney is a proud local of the wonderful Bristow community. She is a well-rounded person that helps us with just about every aspect of the office. She has even spent some time working as a Clinical Assistant in our practice which allows her to know the ins and outs of the practice. Her motto is that there are no problems only solutions. She is always smiling and cheerful and is usually caught talking to patients about current events and catching up about life. Her leadership skills have allowed for her to flourish our dental practice. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her family and being a mama to two boys and to her many pets. She is also an avid reader and as a Harry Potter aficionado she loves meeting patients who are like minded fans.

Office Manager


Jocelyn is our Office Manager. She fell in love with the dental field back in 2014. She completed her education as a dental assistant but later realized her passion for business management in her time with us and continued her education in that direction. Her goal as manager is to assure optimal service for all our patients and to make sure they feel fully cared for. One of her favorite things about her career is that she is able to create an effortless journey to your perfect smile by crafting treatment plans that fit each individual’s needs. She is very easy to talk to and kind hearted. As the team leader she strives to maintain a warm and happy environment. Outside of work she finds her joy in being a fur mom to two adorable doggies named Oreo and Theodore.

Clinical Assistant


Hodalis approaches every duty with calm and poise. She will always makes you feel welcomed and at ease. Her priority when you are in her chair is to treat you with her undivided attention and with precision. She is always making sure patients are educated about their treatment along the way. She is a Spanish speaker and loves connecting with her patients. She is known in the office as the “Sneaker Head” because of her fascination with sneakers. You will always catch her rocking the nicest pair of shoes that are kept in optimal condition. Her focused care even extends to her hobbies. Outside of work she is enjoys spending time with her family and avoiding the silly chickens in her family farm.

Clinical Assistant


Jose is outgoing and always applies himself in every task in order to do the very best. He is always making sure patients are educated about their treatment along the way. He is always using his communication skills to create a bond that allows patients to feel comfortable and heard. He too is a Spanish speaker. His favorite part about his career is that he gets to see patients transform through dentistry by achieving a beautiful smile and boosting their confidence. In the office he is known as the “Cowboy” because he knows how to wear his cowboy hats very well. Outside of work he enjoys being a father to his baby girl and his Chihuahua and spending time with his family. He also loves staying on trend with the latest music, hot spots to travel and fashion.

Patient Coordinator


Anissa is dedicated to making sure we remain accountable for rescheduling patients for their next visit. Her expertise and attention to detailed ensures our exceptional office flow. She is always making patients feel warm because of her friendly demeanor. She takes her job very seriously and makes sure every task is executed properly. In the office she in known as the “Invisalign Mom” because she is always organizing and making sure they are delivered on time. Outside of work Anissa loves to spend time with her boyfriend and her friends. She also enjoys furthering her education and studying to become a bookkeeper.

Clinic Manager


Andrea has been committed to the dental field since 2013. She is very passionate about her work and it shows upon meeting her. She loves to make the most out of every day. She works very well with a diverse range of patients including children and persons with disabilities. She is excellent at guiding each individual though every step or the process. She is vigilant and perceptive about her patient’s needs. She is gifted in her technique and makes everyone feel at home. Patients love to talk to her. Her nickname in the office is “The Tooth Fairy” because she a serious baby tooth whisperer. She keeps everyone in the office laughing and she will make you laugh too. Outside of work she finds joy in spending time with her family and catching up on the latest TV and movie releases.

Patient Coordinator


Marilyn better known as Mari is enthusiastic about her career because she loves to be in charge of the extra details that go into creating an efficient patient flow and functional office. She is always happy to complete all her task with her full dedication. She is very easygoing which helps keeps the front desk synergy intact even in our busiest hours. Her focused attention is the reason why she is well trusted by our patients and staff. Mari is known in the office for being as sweet and her favorite treats. She has a serious sweet tooth but good dental habits that sustain them. Outside of work Mari likes to spend time with her loved ones especially her cat Luna and catch up on her favorite Netflix tv shows.

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